Workers Compansation Appeals Trubunal

Injured workers, dependents or employers can appeal decisions of WorkSafeNB.

Before filing an appeal to the WCAT, please ensure you have provided all relevant information to the original decision maker.

The original decision maker is the person who has signed the letter informing you of the decision.


To file an appeal to the WCAT, click, print and complete the Notice of Appeal and return the form to the WCAT. The specific requirements for the appeal are outlined on the form. If you are unable to obtain the Notice of Appeal form, please contact the WCAT and the document will be sent to you.

Upon receipt of your Notice of Appeal, the WCAT will:

  • Determine that the form contains the minimal required information and acknowledge its receipt.
  • Forward it to WorkSafeNB, the Office of the Workers’ Advocate and the Office of the Employers’ Advocate as required pursuant to subsection 21(2.2) of the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission and Workers’ Compensation Appeals Tribunal Act. The appeal is then added to the WCAT’s list.
  • The decision(s) being appealed will be confirmed in writing to the parties involved. The appeal is then referred to the scheduling list.
  • Once a hearing is scheduled, WCAT will inform all parties of the date, time and location of the hearing. The type of hearing is also confirmed on the Notice of Hearing.
  • Once the appeal is scheduled, WCAT will prepare and distribute an Appeal Record which is the document used during the hearing and includes relevant documents of the file, policies, as well as appropriate sections of the legislation and any other relevant documentation. It will be provided approximately two weeks before the hearing.

If you require a copy of the file before the Appeal Record is distributed, you must contact WorkSafeNB.

For further information on the appeal process, please see the WCAT Guidelines.  Please note, new guidelines in effect on May 1, 2019. Please see attached.